Biden’s Transport Man Just Told Everyone To Buy Electric Cars…Just One Small Problem With That…

Biden’s transport man is now telling everyone that we should buy transport cars, but there is just one small, tiny problem with that…!

This is because the Biden regime is pushing their Marxist and woke “green” agenda on as many people as possible as gas prices continue to soar.

We have a national average for gas that is as high as $4 per gallon, with some places in California paying as much as $6 per gallon.

We are watching helplessly as the price of a barrel of Brent Crude oil has reached as much as $130 per gallon on Monday, and this is the highest price in over 13 years, when Barack Obama was just barely starting his term. Joe is barely starting his, and here we go again.

An increasing amount of people think that this is no accident.

This is because Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Vice President Kamala Harris delivered on Monday what they call providing “clean” transportation options to America.

Of course, Buttigieg is better known as the small-town mayor who has no idea what he is doing, and in doing so told rural Americans that they should electric vehicles so that they can save on gas. Well, that is well and good, but there is one small issue with that…

By making this suggestion, Buttigieg is only proving that he is an out-of-touch liberal. If you are a single mother with children, or living paycheck to paycheck, then how in the world are you going to throw down $55,000 for a new electric vehicle?

Clean transportation can bring significant cost savings for the American people as well,” Buttigieg said on Monday. “…People from rural, to suburban to urban communities can all benefit.”

But how in the world that Biden’s transport man suggests that these people pay for it remains to be seen.

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