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Hillary Clinton’s Moneymaking Scam Is ALREADY Backfiring!

Hillary Clinton continues to launch the money making scams and they continue to backfire on her just like clockwork. What is the latest one?

I guess it’s time to call a spade a spade here. Hillary and Bill are hard up for cash.

Bill and Hillary’s days of selling out the United States to the highest bidder are over, especially considering that neither one of them has any “presidential power” left.

Those million-dollar speeches? They’ve all dried up now. This is mainly because the Clinton Foundation is a mere shadow of itself and not even close to what it used to be in 2016. Simply put, Hillary doesn’t have any access left that she can sell.

That means that she and Bill are going to have to come up with creative ways to pay the bills, and so here is Hillary’s new brainstorm: she has launched this cheesy new money-making scam that comes off as a cheesy midnight infomercial.

Hillary is now offering “master classes” for people to take up so that they have the ability to learn how to live a villainous lifestyle just like she and her husband did. Hmmm….you’ve got to wonder if she has a class dealing with how to marry an accused rapist?

What about a master class on treason?

Anyway, today was the first day that Hillary launched her first promo video for these new “master classes” and this might come as a shock to you (or not) but there was a lot of backlash.

Here’s what Hillary said in a tweet: “I’m excited to invite you to join my new @Masterclass. I’ll be teaching the skills I developed throughout my career—the challenges, the triumphs, and all the rest. I hope these lessons will help you chart your own path with passion and purpose.”

But even on this deal, Hillary actually spent two minutes crying and reading what would have been her “acceptance” speech in 2016.

The public responded quickly and ripped this “master class” a new one.

Here are just a few of the responses from folks online:

“Lesson #1: how to delete emails”

“Lesson #1: how to lose a presidential election”

“gurl, you sad designed a part of your house to look like the oval office. see a therapist”

“Wow, you and Bill must really be hurting for cash. The money dried up when you couldn’t sell out the country anymore, huh?”

“Awesome! A class on laundering influence and creating plausible deniability. Sounds like a multi-million dollar winner! Do I automatically get added to a suicide list if I enroll?”

“The “making it look like an accident” class should be popular”

“Imagine respecting Hillary Rodham Clinton In any capacity lol”

“They already did a TV show about “How To Get Away With Murder””

“Is there a chapter on creating a “Foundation” that is “Funded” by favor seeking donations while you are serving in public office? But then when you leave public service you shutdown your Foundation from lack of favor seeking donations.”

“How did you pull off the Epstein thing?”

“Can people from Wisconsin sign-up, or do you want to keep your distance still from them ?”

“Damn she’s at the level of buy my course LOL”

“Class 1: dodging sniper fire”

“Next up, Hillary will be selling reverse mortgages”

Either way, it looks like this is going to go over like a lead balloon for Hillary, to say the least.


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