They Cut Up An Old Tree, What They Saw Inside Was…

When they cut up the old tree, they saw something on the inside that was very shocking, to say the least…

Loggers in Georgia were just going about their job, but they had to put the job on hold for a while due to the fact that they found a dog mummified within the tree trunk. This was a dog who had died doing what he had loved, that of “chasing a raccoon.” Even though the loggers determined that the dog died at least two decades ago, it had been highly preserved. The dog was named “stuckie” by the loggers due to the fact that he got stuck inside the hollowed-out oak tree.

Although there is no doubt the dog probably had loving owners who posted “lost dog” ads throughout the local area, they were not successful in finding him and the dog’s body slowly became mummified over the next several decades.

However, there are now thousands of tourists who are coming to this tree to see Stuckie in all of his glory. Although the poor thing died because no one could find him, he has become a bit of a tourist attraction now that the Georgia loggers have found him. At the Waycross Tree Museum, Stuckie the Dog is absolutely the prime attraction.

These loggers found Stuckie the Dog in 1980. These loggers were from the Kraft corporation, and they were getting ready to cut that oak tree into logs. However, when they started getting to work, that is when they found the mummified dog inside.

Somehow, the dog ended up being stuck near the top of the tree, and due to that, he is now the prime attraction at Forest World, a popular tree museum in the middle of Georgia.

Experts said that the main reason that Stuckie’s body did not decompose is that the scent of his body was hidden by an updraft of air, causing the insects not to be able to get to him.

The dog managed to climb as much as 28 feet up this tree trunk before he got stuck. Experts think it must have been a raccoon he was chasing, but it could have been another type of small game as well.

The tree also had little moisture inside the tree, and that contributed to the dog’s body being well-preserved as well. The dog also had tannin, absorbing moisture and keeping his body preserved.

Forest World’s Manager Brandy Stevenson admits people always ask how Stuckie got stuck. He says: “Well, he was a hound dog. Maybe he was after a raccoon.”

Visitors often will say things like “Poor old thing. I feel so sorry for him.”

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