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The World Health Organization Just Admitted The Truth About Ivermectin!

The World Health Organization is now admitting the truth about Ivermectin, and there is no other way to describe it other than BOMBSHELL. Perhaps this is the time to take the opportunity to discuss the REAL benefits of Ivermectin and not what the liberal news media wants you to believe.

First of all, there are a lot of red flags surrounding the media’s treatment of Ivermectin. First of all, if you post some of the REAL information to Facebook, they will flag it, take it down, and you will be in Facebook jail for 30 days.

The only problem with this is that it is a true statement, and it consists of the following:

Ivermectin has been FDA approved for at least two decades, and it literally is as safe as aspirin!

As a matter of fact, Ivermectin was originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration not for treatment of the coronavirus, because that was too long ago. It was actually approved for the treatment of diseases from a parasitic worm. The drug was originally approved for humans under the brand name Stromectol, and it is now widely respected as a treatment for river parasites. In 2015, two scientists actually won a Nobel prize for their discovery of this drug!

Of course, the use of Ivermectin should only be administered if it has been prescribed by a doctor for a use approved by the FDA. Regardless of the prescription and the usage, the FDA continues to warn that Ivermectin overdose is still possible, and interaction with other medications could also occur.

However, the liberals continue to take their own spin on the story and run with it. Most recently, they have reported a 70% SURGE in Ivermectin Poison Calls, and that sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? That sounds bad, and when you couple it with the NPR report that there has been a 245% surge, it sounds even worse. However, there is quite a bit of mental gymnastics going on here.

First of all, this surge is only going from 133 calls to 459, and that is on a nationwide basis. That’s right, folks. That’s out of 333 million people. Moreover, the FDA has went ahead and admitted that yes, the drug was approved for parasitic infections, but they said that doesn’t mean it would work for the coronavirus, and the FDA continues to report that they have not seen any conclusive evidence that Ivermectin is an effective treatment for COVID-19.

Hmm….it’s almost like they want us to take that vaccine or something…

These were just calls, and over 80 percent of the people who called poison control for Ivermectin only reported a minor rash. Moreover, out of all of these calls, only ONE individual merited a further evaluation. That’s right. JUST ONE person out of the WHOLE COUNTRY.

I suppose that it’s time that we go ahead and cut to the chase here and go to a MEDICAL JOURNAL in order to see the true toxicity data on Ivermectin in humans. Let’s take a look at, which is the WHO’s very own website for such things as the “Internationally Peer Reviewed Chemical Safety Information.”

They literally lay it all out in black and white so that even those who have no background whatsoever in medicine can see it. The key part will be in bold:

Animal Does

Animal Doses

This should be case closed right here, folks, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they take down the WHO site or simply “edit” this documentation so it says what they want it to say instead.

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