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She Snuck Back Into Afghanistan, What He Did Was Absolutely Heroic!

After she snuck back into Afghanistan, how this man responded was not only the right thing, but very heroic as well! A former U.S. soldier embarked on a very dangerous journey indeed when he attempted to save his family members and Christians from the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to a report from Fox News.

This “proud American soldier” is now claiming that he had been forced to sneak into this Taliban-controlled area to attempt to rescue his relatives because the U.S. government wasn’t offering his family any assistance.

This former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant began to see several red flags that his family was in serious trouble when the Taliban was marching into power over the summer. It was only after the last U.S. military members had been removed from the country on the afternoon of August 30th and there was no longer any protection for his family in Kabul that he realized things weren’t going well, especially since this gentleman’s family was connected to a U.S. soldier.

“I pleaded for help from the U.S. government,” the former soldier adamantly said to Fox News. “I did not receive any.”

“I had no choice but to come here myself after I learned that there was an ambush on my family’s house once more,” he claims. “I still haven’t heard anything from our government as far as any sort of assistance.”

“The staff sergeant came to the U.S. from Afghanistan as a teenage refugee just days before 9/11,” the outlet reported. “He joined the Army a few years later after meeting a recruiter and was sent back to Afghanistan to fight in the war.”

The veteran said that the Taliban had greeted him with a hail of gunfire at his family’s house and they destroyed half of the home by ransacking it with firebombs after they discovered that he had been enlisted in the U.S. Army.

They discharged this Afghanistan war veteran after it was uncovered that he had been suffering traumatic brain injuries. Simply put, he was concerned for his family’s safety not only because they were related to a U.S. veteran, but because they were also engaged in activities against the Taliban as well.

This anonymous former soldier is now alleging that even though he was successful in rescuing his family and getting them out of the country, he didn’t think it was wise to reveal which country they escaped to. This soldier was definitely heroic, allegedly helping save 30 at-risk people, including family members of at least ten Afghan Christians who were “in danger because of their religion.”

“Everyone in their neighborhood knew about it, and they started snitching on them,” the former staff sergeant said. “It feels good getting them out, saving them from the Taliban.”

However, even during the rescue mission, he was presented with a tremendous amount of dangers. He had been assaulted by members of the Taliban.

“On my way back from this area, I got caught by the Taliban, and they lashed me on my back,” the man said. “I think it was only seven times, but had they known that I had actually just helped a Catholic family get out, it would have been worse. Far worse.”

“They say on the news there is no U.S. soldier in Afghanistan,” he declared. “But I’m here, and I’ll help as long as it takes.”

“I’m a proud American soldier,” he said. “I’ve taken an oath, and I’ll never forget that oath.”


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