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There Are The Legal Docs Anti Vaxxers Are Giving To Hospitals!

A couple of anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists have been slamming NHS business establishments such as Hospitals and clinics.

It was a video posted on Twitter where Chaves and Freeman do not trust the COVID-19 vaccines and claim it as a life-threatening jab.

The anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorists couple has been handing a Nuremberg Code violation claiming that hospital workers are operating illegally.

He said on the video, “hospital workers “are operating illegally and you are operating crimes against humanity, and by continuing to enforce and continuing to propagate this lie, you are essentially a part of that.”

The anti-vaxxer goes on to claim that British NHS workers lost their “liability” when the Pope said something in 2013. He claimed that they can be “held in their capacity.”

“All of this will be served via Royal Mail as well, and it will be followed up on by lawyers,” he said. “I suggest you get your lawyers to have a look at that because it’s all legally binding paperwork.”

After launching their rant at the targeted healthcare workers, the group of anti-vaxxers left the hospital proclaiming that “Yet another NHS business served.”

They have also claimed the NHS has been violating human rights according to the Nuremberg Code which was established in 1947 as an act of response to the atrocities Nazis committed against Jews and others in concentration camps.

The code can be simplified that humans cannot experiment without consent and the experimentation should be good for society.

Chaves for the record was a former paramedic and now runs a conspiracy theory channel called “Mad Mix Conspiracies.”

Chaves also claims the Big Pharma and the world government are the beneficiaries of these vaccines.

Source: AmericanWebMedia

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