HATEFUL NFL Owner Caught Giving Money To ANTIFA Training!

Apparently the liberals continue to infiltrate sports, and the newest individual to make his colors known would be a certain owner of the Minnesota Vikings. Zygi Wilf is the majority owner of the NFL Vikings, and he recently donated $5 million to the New York law school to support a program that is intended to train agents of “social change.”

Zygi Wilf made his mark as a real estate billionaire who also received a law degree from New York Law School in 1973. In his statement after he made the donation to the school from the Wilf family’s philanthropic organization, Wilf said that he was hoping the donation would encourage diversity in the legal field.

“As an alumnus of New York Law School, I know the students are committed to creating a fairer, more just world, and we look forward to seeing what these scholars accomplish as part of this program,” Wilf said, per Reuters.

“It is also essential that we continue to diversify the legal field,” he added, “and we hope this program will attract a diverse range of students who can bring new perspectives and insights to the legal profession.”

The school was thrilled to get this donation from Zygi Wilf, saying that it would “profoundly expand” their efforts to educate students who are interested in seeking legal instruction in social justice (read: poisoning our society, but I digress).

The school is now offering scholarships through the newly-formed Wilf Impact Center for the sake of training those interested in becoming social agents. Students that have been chosen for this scholarship are going to be called (Hitler Youth?) Wilf Scholars.

“This transformative gift will open doors and change lives,” said New York Law School dean Anthony Crowell in a statement about the donation.

“I am profoundly grateful to Zygi Wilf and his family for their exceptional vision, their commitment to a more inclusive legal profession, and their belief in the power of change through the law,” he added.

The Minnesota Vikings are not off to the best start of their season; they lost their first game of 2021 in overtime to the upstart Cincinnati Bengals 27-24 despite being three-point favorites.

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