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Dementia Joe Caught Forgetting The Name Of ANOTHER World Leader!

Joe Biden continues to be a human gaffe-making machine, and it seems to be getting so bad that people are starting to call him “Dementia Joe.” Indeed, he is making so many gaffes that it is starting to become hard to even keep track! It’s not just embarrassing, but it is frightening to realize that the leader of the free world is cognitively impaired.

All you have to do is watch the latest video to see how Biden is turning and hesitating. He is pointing to the screen where Australian Prime Minister Morrison is watching, yet he never calls him by name even after he addresses Boris Johnson by his first name. The best he could do for the Australian Prime Minister was to say “that fella down under” instead!

This latest flub by Biden comes on the heels of an announcement of a joint deal between the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia regarding advanced tech sharing. President Biden never even mentions Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison by name even once.

Instead of addressing him by name, Dementia Joe simply just points at the screen, saying, “I want to thank…uh, that fellow ‘down under.’ Thank you very much, pal.”

Biden forgets, realizes that he cannot remember, and then he tries to cover for it. However, everyone knows what he is trying to do and they can read between the lines. The Democrats were in such a haste to oust President Trump that we now have a man in charge who is racked with dementia. Shame on them for allowing this man to continue.

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