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What True Americans Said About Employer Mandated Vaccinations Is PERFECT!

People around the world continue to protest the vaccine and mask mandates.

On Labor Day, there were at least a thousand who showed up to protest these mandated vaccinations in the Communist New York City.

What about Socialist France? Surely they are for mandated vaccinations, right? No, not so much. As a matter of fact, there were hundreds of thousands of individuals who marched in the streets, with many calling it the “Revolution.”

Violent protests regarding these vaccinations have been going on in France for at least six months simply because of the mandated vaccinations and masks.

Indeed, there were individuals protesting the vaccinations in France who tried to break a police line and ultimately wound up getting tear gassed instead.

After several weeks of being shot with rubber bullets, Australians protesting these vaccinations are still at it. They are trying out a new tactic where they are holding massive “silent” protests against these vaccinations and their mandates.

Switzerland too is holding some massive anti-vaccine protests.

In Italy, citizens continue to fight back against these vaccinations mandates. They are now in their 8th week of protesting and the movement continues to grow. They are protesting against medical tyranny and “medical apartheid.”

CItizens in both London and Israel are protesting these vaccine mandates.

In France, workers are burning their vaccination cards to show that they stand in solidarity with those who choose not to be vaccinated.

When you consider the pushback for these mandated vaccines, is it any wonder that a large majority of unvaccinated Americans would just as soon quit their jobs than get this mandated COVID jab?

The Hill is reporting that there is a Washington Post-ABC News poll that was asking unvaccinated workers who have employers that are yet to impose a vaccine mandate what they would likely do if getting vaccinated was required for them to continue being in the workplace.

The poll found that 16 percent of these unvaccinated workers would get the vaccine, but 35 percent would ask for a medical or religious exemption and 42 would just outright quit their job.

When asked what they would do if their employer wouldn’t give them an exemption for these vaccinations, 18 percent of the survey respondents said they would comply but a whopping 72 percent said they would quit. This Post-ABC poll was a phone poll that was conducted between August 20-September 1 and it included 1,066 adults and it had a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

This pushback is even going on in hospitals, where the media will breathlessly report that the hospitals cannot handle the influx of COVID patients, but at the same time the media completely ignores the tremendous amount of hospital staff that are defying the hospital’s orders to be vaccinated.

On July 17th, our sister publication 100 Percent Fed Up covered a huge anti-vaccine mandate at Henry Ford Hospital in southeastern Michigan, where health care workers kept showing up with signs and promising not to come to work if they are forced to be vaccinated.

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