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Liberals Caught In HORRIFIC Assault Against Larry Elder

While there is a significant chance that ultra-liberal California governor Gavin Newsom could figuratively be left with egg on his face, it looks like someone threw a literal egg at recall candidate Larry Elder on Wednesday. Yes, these are the lengths that liberals will sink to.

Video footage is showing someone in a gorilla mask throwing something at Elder from behind, and Kate Cagle of Spectrum News 1 tweeted that the object turned out to be an egg that had just missed the back of Mr. Elder’s head. And all this time I thought Democrats were the inclusive ones. I guess when they vehemently disagree with the candidate, everything is fair game!

“It kind of glanced his head,” an Elder campaign staffer said in regards to the projectile, as noted in the Los Angeles Times.

Elder is a conservative radio talk show host who is now running in the state’s recall election, and he is one of dozens of candidates competing for an opportunity to recall Gavin Newson. If Elder wins, he would be the state’s first black governor. Unfortunately, he apparently is in the wrong party for the liberals!

The RealClearPolitics poll average is currently showing Elder with a significant lead over other potential replacement candidates vying f0r a chance to take over for Newsom.

If the majority of votes are cast to replace Newsom, then the candidates with the most votes in the recall election will become the new governor of the state and will serve out the remainder of Newsom’s term. If Newsom is ousted from office, he would depart with a little more than a year remaining on his term.

If Newsom is ejected from office, he wouldn’t be the first governor who lost in a recall election. Gray Davis was recalled in 2003 and was replaced by Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Elder tweeted that he had “voted early in person” in regards to the September 14th recall election.

Many prominent Democrats have rallied behind Newsom, including former President Barack Obama, who is even appearing in one of Newsom’s campaign ads.

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