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CNN’s Communist Partner Is Trying To Drop The Hammer On All Of You!

According to the Conservative Treehouse, CNN Medical Analyst Leanna Wen, who was born in Shanghai, China, is currently a fellow at a CCP propaganda outlet called The Brookings Institute. This is an organization where much of the propaganda surrounding the U.S. and Chinese relations are spawned.

Of course, you should keep this in mind as a point of advocacy.

CNN is a corporate media outlet and Ms. Wen does not hold any position in the U.S. Government; thus that means that any positions she might hold are simply hers or that of the media outlet that is paying her to promote them.

During a segment on this failing fake news network, Ms. Wen distinguished herself (and not in a good way) as the medical analyst for CNN.

She boldly proclaimed that she thinks “life should be hard” for those who continue to refuse to take the vaccine in America.

She is a deceitful CNN contributor and she proceeded to make an emotional plea for all Americans to be vaccinated, and she had the chutzpah to use the spread of the Delta variant as one of her excuses.

“It’s much more contagious,” she said. However, at the same time, she is continually ignoring the fact that this variant is much less deadly. How much less deadly is it? Well, according to Senator (Dr.) Rand Paul, when he spoke with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, he described the Delta Variant as “ten times less deadly” as the COVID-19 virus that was terrorizing our world last year.

Thus, the best way to sum it up would be to describe what Wen is saying as total bollocks. If she wants to live in America, she should act like an American. We don’t want communism here on our shores. If you want to spread all of those ideas to our country, do us all a favor, ma’am, and simply go back to where you came from.


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