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One California Hotel Just Hatefully Cancelled Reservations After A Conservative Was Booked To Speak!

What do you do if you are a hotel and you find out that Matt Gaetz and MT Greene are scheduled to speak at one of your conferences? Well, apparently, one California hotel canceled all of the reservations completely when they discovered that (Gasp!) conservatives were going to be speaking at their California property!

The Pacific Hills Banquet and Event Center in Laguna Hills, California, canceled an “America First” rally that had been scheduled for later this month simply because it had featured Rep. Matt Gaetz and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene as speakers at the event.

Score another win for the Cancel Culture leftists.

Now, the conservative group is on the lookout for another venue after this hotel issued its cancellation.

Here is what the Washington Examiner reported:

A California hotel has now canceled an “America First” simply because they learned who the speakers were going to be. Once they determined that it was going to be Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, they wanted nothing to do with it.

“As soon as we found out who the speakers were, we immediately canceled it,” venue general manager Javad Mirtavoosi told the Orange County Register on Friday. “We just thought it would be best for our facility to cancel.”

This came on the heels of flyers circulating promoting the event. However, now these two lawmakers are desperately for another last-minute California venue.


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