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New Information Reveals Bill Barr Was Actively Trying To Trip Up Trump!

Last week at the CPAC in Texas, President Trump shared that his former Attorney General Bill Barr had forbidden investigations into the 2020 Election even though it has now been proven that numerous crimes have been committed in order to allow Joe Biden to steal the election.

According to Bill Lawrence Online:

Barr forbade fraud investigations, President Trump said last week at his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). He revealed that last week, he “had received a statement from the United States attorney, a highly respected man, by the way, that in Pennsylvania Bill Barr wouldn’t allow him to investigate voter fraud.”

We have provided a video where President Trump discusses this at the 43:00 mark:

I just a day ago received a statement from the US Attorney, highly respected in Pennsylvania, that Bill Barr would not allow him to investigate voter fraud. Can you believe it? Now you have to understand, Philadelphia is the second most corrupt place, so I understand ok, in the nation. You know what first is? Detroit.

Detroit was so corrupt. Philadelphia was so corrupt. But the US Attorney was not allowed to investigate.

There were too many corrupt individuals in on the steal for the Trump team to have a chance. The uniparty lives on, and Bill Barr is just as bad as the rest of them.

And do you know who is going to lose in all of this? It won’t be the Republicans, it won’t be the Democrats. It won’t even be President Trump. It will be the American people.

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Meta Description: Apparently, Bill Barr wasn’t Donald Trump’s friend. Apparently, he wasn’t his friend at all. Bill Barr was trying to trip him up completely!

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