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What A Trump Campaign Insider Just Confessed Proves The Fix Was In!

President Trump did everything in his power to secure a landslide victory on election night.

However, those leaders from the RNC failed him, and they failed the American people.

Boy, did they ever.

It was a Sunday to end all Sundays when news broke that RNC Chief Counsel Justin Riemer and the rest of the RNC had abandoned the president all the way back in November because of the alleged stolen election.

As you’ll recall, Riemer had made a name for himself when he claimed that there was no reason why his Republican party colleagues should be supporting his claims of voter fraud. He texted an email to Trump attorney Jenna Ellis, and she in turn passed it onto Rudy Guiliani and Bernard Kerik. This was in November, folks. The RNC was moving on.

It was that same Sunday that former Trump elections attorney Jenna Ellis tweeted out the fact that the information was true and she saw how the RNC threw Trump and the rest of his attorneys under the bus. Now that they are backed into a corner, they are attempting to lie about the situation, claiming that these accusations are false.

Interestingly enough, Jenna Ellis was blocked on Twitter by RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel after she made these revelations on Twitter.

Hold on though – there is much more to this story.

It was during this same time frame that the Gateway Pundit also spoke with a top Trump campaign adviser who wishes to remain anonymous regarding what they saw on the ground in the early days immediately following the 2020 Presidential Election.

The top Trump campaign insider noted how the Democrats were still in the back rooms even just days after the election working their dirty tricks to try to make the swing states appear to go their way.

This does not paint a very flattering portrait of the Republican National Committee.

Clearly, the more you read, the more you will realize two things when it comes to this current crop of Republicans:

1.) The current RNC is absolutely not up for the war we are in
2.) The current RNC does not give a damn at all about its voting base

When it comes to the RNC, here is everything you need to know regarding their “assistance” and their “preparedness” when it comes to attempting to reelect President Trump. According to a Trump Whistleblower, they were just out for themselves:

Trump Whistleblower:

Ronna McDaniel (who incidentally is Mitt Romney’s niece) promised that RNC Chief Counsel Justin Riemer was going to be “gone by morning” after his nasty email made the rounds with the Trump campaign team. Well, that lasted for only a couple of months. The guy went dark for about three months, and then he reappeared with the RNC. So those are the details. With McDaniel, that is exactly what happened.

Let’s take a look at the bottom line here: Ronna McDaniel and the rest of her minions in the RNC did not want to fight for the president. Their heart just wasn’t in it. This is also why they are not supporting Rudy now. The RNC has collected $220 million for the legal fees, but where did it go? They sure didn’t spend it on lawyers. That is for damn sure.

There are reports that the funds that the RNC collected was between $220 million to $240 million, but McDaniel and the rest of her crew didn’t want anyone to fight for the president. Now, we saw this immediately, and many of us were like, “Where the hell are they?” It seemed like they had given up early on.

Trump Whistleblower: I made it there on the 5th. I can tell you that the momentum at the RNC headquarters was virtually nil and they had already given up.

This was while Democrats in Pennsylvania were still counting votes in Philadelphia behind doors that were locked to the public!

Trump Whistleblower: No one has captured this. You ask anyone who was with us. When we walked in on the morning of the 5th or 6th, we didn’t have anyone, just one guy in there. I said, where is everyone else? Where are all the other lawyers? Where’s everybody at? Nobody was there. Anybody with you will tell you that. These people had completely checked out within two or three days.

Of course, this would be outrageous, but should it be surprising? Absolutely not!

Trump Whistleblower: I have a lot of people come up to me on the street and say they will give money to candidates but not the RNC.

A bit of both. Look, she is still in McCarthy’s back pocket. It’s just nuts. The Democrats continue to run such a radical Marxist agenda because they know they can get away with it.

Folks, this is your RNC. There is now almost no difference between the two parties. They don’t care about the average Joe.


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