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Top Republican Just Exposed Horrific Child Abuse At Migrant Camp!

House Republican Minority Whip Steve Scalise has recently made some videos available that he took while he and ten other GOP congressmen were visiting the border. This is a crisis no matter what that Biden Press Secretary Jen “A lie is as good as the truth” Psaki says. They have packed these children in like sardines and Scalise has rightfully labeled it as child abuse. These videos also show children sleeping on the floor with aluminum blankets and yes, they were in cages. No, these cages weren’t built during the Trump administration but the Obama/Biden administration instead.


In regards to the videos, he said, “These videos are the ones that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don’t want you to be able to see. They show the devastating result of their disastrous left-wing policies and agendas. Scalise wants everyone to know that the Democrats continue to try to hide this, and yes, this is child abuse. Seriously…would you give your child an aluminum blanket? No? Neither would I.


Scalise led a delegation consisting of ten U.S. Republican representatives. They visited an overcrowded detention center at an understaffed and overcrowded migrant processing tent facility. They met with the Border Control agents and concluded the trip with a boat ride down the Rio Grande. Naturally, there were plenty of illegal aliens taking Joe Biden’s lax migration policies seriously.


“We haven’t even been here for even an hour, and we have already seen multiple encounters of individuals coming across!” Scalise exclaimed. “We see the reality of President Biden’s disastrous amnesty agenda here.”


Yet another microcosm of Joe Biden’s awful amnesty agenda would be his appointment of Vice President Kamala Harris as “border czar.” Since then, Harris has been harshly criticized because she has taken trips to Chicago instead of visiting the border.


Scalise also discussed Harris’ evasion of the border on Fox and Friends on Thursday.


“You can absolutely see why Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t want to see this dumped in her lap simply because Joe Biden created this and pawned it off on her, or she might be in over her head. However you feel, this doesn’t bode well for the United States,” Scalise said.


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