DOD Official Confesses Three Separate Caravans Heading To America At The Same Time!

There’s something that people need to realize with these migrant caravans that keep announcing that they are coming or that have started coming already. They are being backed by someone and this isn’t a spur of the moment move.

Put it to you this way, a few years ago I moved my family from one state to the other. Driving distance of around 1,100 miles one way. We had begun talking about the move six months before we moved and had actually been squirreling away money a year before to get something started.

We started packing things up about four months before the moving date and by the time we were sixty days out we had the paperwork signed and the house we were moving into secured. We had every single thing planned to the T.

Hell, we even had it planned how the last week before we moved we were going to be using instant coffee and using a tea kettle for the water and using paper plates and silverware that we were going to be throwing away anyhow. The last week we packed bags with enough clothes to keep each one of us in clean clothes in case of emergency until the moving van arrived two days after we moved.

The last day, we even planned what time of day I was going to return the cable boxes to the cable company. We did all this, for a move of FOUR PEOPLE.

For anyone to think that a move of several thousand people happens on some random day of the week they are sorely kidding themselves.

Via Breitbart:

There are three migrant caravans headed to the United States’ southern border with Mexico, according to top Pentagon official John Rood.

Rood testified to the House Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that one of the caravans contains over 12,000 migrants.

“Current information shows that a caravan of over 12,000 people — there’s three that we are tracking, that the DHS is tracking en route, one that is over 12,000 by the latest estimate,” said Rood, who is the under secretary of Defense for policy.

Rood said there are currently more than 2,300 active duty troops at the southern border, down from a high of 5,900 in November.

But defense officials say several thousands more active duty troops are expected to head to the border in the coming weeks, to assist the Department of Homeland Security with laying down more concertina wire, and helping to monitor the border between points of entry.

Democrats, who now control the House, called Pentagon officials in to testify on President Trump’s order of active duty troops to the border in October, which they have called a political stunt by the White House before midterm election.

But defense officials testified that it was the Pentagon — not the White House — decided that active duty troops were able to deploy faster and were better resourced to deal with the caravans headed to the border than National Guard and reserve forces.

“That was a decision made inside the Department,” said Navy Adm. Michael Gilday, the director for operations of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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