Washington Sheriffs REFUSING To Enforce Ridiculous Gun Control Laws

There’s something that most police officers know quite well and that’s the difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of a law.

If you’ve been pulled over for speeding you know this quite well. Technically, if you are going 40 in a 35 the cop could write you a ticket but there are so many different factors that come into play that would have to show intent that if the difference in number is that small that it would seem silly to even pull you over to write the thing. If you were going 15 over then that might be different.

Anyone that’s driven a pregnant wife about to give birth to the hospital knows that no cop that’s worth their salt would write you a ticket if you were going 10 over the limit if your wife’s water had broken and the baby was coming.

They also know that there are some rules and laws that are so ridiculous that it would waste their time to even enforce. Like public swearing laws or something like that unless a person was directly being abusive to someone else.

Cops know what are good laws and bad laws…

Via Breitbart:

Sheriffs in rural Washington state are reportedly refusing to enforce the gun controls contained in I-1639, an initiative passed by voters in November 2018.

The initiative was funded by millionaires and billionaires.

For example, the NRA-ILA reported that “billionaire Microsoft co-founder and Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trailblazers owner Paul Allen … [donated] $1 million.” Venture capitalist Nick Hanauer also gave $1 million.

The NRA-ILA noted that this was a repeat of a 2014 initiative — I-594 — in which wealthy donors heaved gun control onto the backs of law-abiding citizens. For example, “billionaire gun control patron Michael Bloomberg personally bankrolled I-594 to the tune of $285,000, while funneling another $2.3 million to the cause through his front group Everytown for Gun Safety.” Hanauer gave over $1 million and Allen gave $500,000 toward the 2014 initiative.

Rural Washington state appears to have had enough of it. The Guardian reports that numerous sheriffs are refusing to enforce the controls contained in I-1639. After all, the initiative was rejected by 27 of the state’s 32 counties. It passed because of the financial backing and the massive populations of the cities compared to the populations of rural areas.

Klickitat County Sheriff Bob Songer is one of those allegedly refusing to enforce the controls. He said the controls are “unconstitutional on several grounds. I’ve taken the position that as an elected official, I am not going to enforce that law.”

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