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They Saw This Elephant Digging Furiously. 11 Hours Later, What they Uncovered Was Amazing…

Mothers by their very nature are very protective of their children and this is something that we see all of the time.

Just look at whenever you see someone that is going after someone’s kid you will see the mother almost develop superhuman strength to beat the living hell out of them.

Added to that, you have the old story of the woman whose child is trapped underneath a car where she is somehow able to lift the car up so her kid can roll out to safety.

There’s something to be said for the love that you see from a good mother that somehow gives them the strength to do anything.

Via AWM:

When an elephant in India began digging, bystanders weren’t clear initially what she was doing. She appeared in distress as she continued to dig, staying focused on the task for a full 11 hours. Her goal was important to her and it was clear why she didn’t give up on the task: her baby had fallen in a well and was trapped.

The baby had become trapped in the muddy conditions and when the mother attempted to dig the little one out, she accidently put more mud on top of the animal. She was clearly distressed over the situation, as she began digging at 8 p.m. and continued through 9 a.m.

Spectators finally assisted in the best way they were able, bringing a truck full of bananas to distract her and then working quickly to remove the soil and help free the baby.

The villagers then moved out of the way so the mother could help her baby out of the ground with her trunk.



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