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BABY BOOM! One Hospital Nursing Staff Gave Birth To An Amazing Number Of Babies In Just One Year!

There has been a couple of places that I have worked where you would have a baby pool whenever someone was about to have a kid and it was always good fun.

What we would generally do is put five dollars into the pool for each person and the winner of the pool would get forty percent and the new parents would get sixty percent. One time, we were able to generate a couple hundred dollars for the pool for the new parents.

It was a cool thing to do and something that you really only get to do every once in a while at most places you work.

However, every once in a while you get an anomaly where you have people that are working somewhere that it seems like there is an employee giving birth every other week.

Via Liftable:

The birthing unit at a hospital sees a lot of babies, which, frankly, shouldn’t surprise anyone. Despite that fact, one hospital in Michigan had a shocking number of babies last year — but not in the way you might think.

Thirty-two may seem like an unusually low number of births for a hospital — until you realize that number does not refer to patients who gave birth but to workers in the birthing unit who had their own little ones in 2018.

“It’s like one in five,” confirmed one of those moms, Gabii Sunder, telling KARE 11 just how many of the workers this baby boom involved. “It’s definitely is (sic) a thing up here.”

There was a unique sense of familiarity and camaraderie among the women since they all worked in the same area and could compare notes and baby bumps on the daily.

“It’s nice to know that your co-workers know and understand what you’re going through and will back you up and are there for you,” Ashley Thoennes, nurse and mom of baby #21, told Fox 5. “It’s a special thing that we have going on here.”

With 32 babies born in 2018, it makes sense that these announcements would be constant, and everyone seemed shocked that they just kept happening.

Gabrielle Sunder, health unit coordinator and mom to baby #11 said more and more pregnancies kept popping up: “You’d walk down the hallway and there’s all of these bellies and people were like, ‘Holy cow — there’s another one.’”

“Seemed like every day we’d come to work, it’d be like, ‘Hey, who’s pregnant?’” said Courtney Brevik, another nurse and new mom.

Of course, with the announcing mostly over and the belly comparisons well underway, the attention turned to the birth tally, as everyone waited to see which baby would greet the world next.



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