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ALERT: If You Put ANY Of These Meds In Your Luggage You May Wind Up In PRISON!

There are a million things that can go wrong when you are traveling and you always need to be prepared.

For example, whenever you travel somewhere in the winter where it might snow a lot you might pack things that you might need in cold weather like an emergency blanket or something of the like.

When I had to travel a couple of years ago for a few days I packed my normal medications in my luggage but I also packed a few days worth in my carryon in case in case they lost my luggage.

That’s a relatively small thing to have to deal with if you are traveling in the United States but if you are traveling out of the country there might be things that you don’t even know are illegal to take into the country.


Via AWM:

Traveling is stressful. You need to grab everything you need, plan ahead, and be prepared for any surprises. One thing that many people struggle to remember is their medication.

Because it can be hard to manage as it is, knowing how much to pack for your trick can feel like it requires a calculator or a math degree. But now another thing might become an issue – if you travel with certain medications you might find yourself in a foreign jail.

While you might think nothing about taking painkillers, sleeping pills or cough medicine with you on your next trip, you better think twice if you don’t want to be calling your lawyer.

If you’re traveling to a different country, you need to know the local drug laws.

While something might be legal in the United States, in the country you’re visiting, possession of the drug could equate to a prison sentence.

A simple example involves visiting the United Arab Emirates.

If you have codeine or Tramadol in your luggage, you’re going to have a problem. Those drugs are illegal in the UAE and result in vacationers spending time behind bars instead of at tourist destinations.

Japan has a ban on the ingredient pseudoephedrine. That means you better not bring Vicks or Sudafed across their border.

If you do, you’re going to have to face down with the law.

If you suffer from insomnia, you might not want to visit Singapore. Because of their ban on sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medications, you could be suffering throughout your trip. They also have strict rules around painkillers, which require a license.




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