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The Number Of Firearms And Ammunition Owned By The IRS Is Absolutely STAGGERING…

Depending on the government agency you would expect to find that they spent money on certain things.

For example, you would expect the forestry service to have spend a lot of money on shovels and fire safety equipment.

Now, if you were to look at a report one day and find out that the forestry service spent a billion dollars building a submarine that might surprise you wouldn’t it?

Yes it would.

Now, if you looked at the IRS and saw that they were spending a lot of money on paper that would make complete and total sense because part of their whole thing is collecting and sending out documents right?

Sure, makes total sense. Now, when you look at their books and see that they might have spent a lot of money on rifles and bullet and such, it seems like they are itching to take collection into their own hands…

Via Breitbart:

A report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) shows the Internal Revenue Service has more than 3,000 handguns and 3,000,000 rounds of handgun ammunition in its Criminal Investigation division alone.

According to the GAO, the Criminal Investigation side of the IRS also has 554 rifles, the majority of which are semiautomatic, but automatics are also included. They have an excess of 5,000,000 rounds of ammunition for the weapons, including the ammunition for the handguns.

Regarding the police division of the IRS, there are an additional 20 handguns, two shotguns, four rifles, and an additional 14,706 rounds of ammunition.

The GAO looked at 20 federal agencies and discovered that they spent “at least $38.8 million on firearms, $325.9 million on ammunition, and $1.14 billion on tactical equipment—at least $1.5 billion in total—from fiscal years 2010 through 2017.”



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