CA Sheriff RIPS Sanctuary Cities As EVEN MORE ILLEGALS Are Arrested In Cop Killing!

Very rarely do illegal aliens cross the border by themselves.

The majority of the time they have a network of people that are tying to help them. Most of the time those people are bieng paid something by someone.

Whereas in the pre Civil War times when the Underground Railroad was at work freeing escaped slaves to the North, people who are trafficking illegal aliens are taking this premise and perverting it to a sickening mean.

They are doing it so that people that are not supposed to be in the country are allowed in the country. This whole thing is a matter of not wanting to pay into the system. It’s sneaking through a backdoor.

What’s sickening about the whole thing is that there are many legal ways for people who want to come to the United States to come here.

Yet, they do it illegally and open a whole host of people up to be victims of crimes.

Via Daily Wire:

Seven additional men have been arrested in connection with the murder of Newman, California, Police officer Ronil Singh, for helping suspect Gustavo Perez Arriaga try to flee into Mexico, authorities say.

ABC News reports that Arriaga was hoping to escape back to his home country of Mexico with the help of his girlfriend, family members, and co-workers, after he allegedly shot and killed Singh during a routine traffic stop in northern California on Wednesday. Arriaga was in the United States illegally.

“An undocumented immigrant with known gang affiliations, the 32-year-old Arriaga tried to flee to Mexico after his alleged crime, authorities said Friday. Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson said that Arriaga crossed into Arizona from Mexico illegally a couple of years ago and it is believed that he had been working on farms in California’s Central Valley,” according to ABC News. Arriaga had at least two prior arrests on his record, both for driving under the influence.

When Singh pulled Arriaga over early Wednesday morning, it was because he suspected Arriaga of drunken driving. After a brief confrontation which quickly developed into a firefight, Singh was killed. He leaves behind a wife and a five month old son.

Arriaga was eventually captured near Bakersfield, California, nearly 200 miles south of where the initial murder took place.




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