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LET THE GAMES BEGIN: Lizzy Warren Is Getting Ready To Toss Her Hat In The Ring

It just seemed that when we were all younger, lets say at the very least twenty to twenty five years ago that when a Presidential election would come up you would start seeing people campaign about three months before the first primary.

Now, it is almost as if people begin to run for office for the next election a week after the most recent one. It’s kind of silly when you think about it when they try to raise all of the money that they are raising for campaign funds because in reality they don’t need all of those balloons and confetti.

Confetti and balloons never got me to vote for anyone, all it is is a distraction in the absurd theater that politics can be sometimes.

Now, it seems that after two years of trying to keep President Trump from doing anything outside of saying that apples are delicious and pardoning a turkey that the liberal politicians are going to crawl out of their holes and try to run against him.

Well, they’ve had a couple of years to get their act together and it seems that they haven’t assembled any better possible opponents for Donald Trump than they did in 2016.

Via Daily Caller:

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced on the last day of 2018 she is officially forming a presidential exploratory committee in a bid to run for the presidency in 2020.

“America’s middle class is under attack,” Warren said in the announcement video Monday. “How did we get here? Billionaires and big corporations decided they wanted more of the pie. And they enlisted politicians to cut them a bigger slice.”



Speculation regarding the Massachusetts senator’s presidential aspirations have been swirling for months. In June, she announced that she would not be running for president, however, less than three months later she seemingly flipped on her word, revealing she would, in fact, take a “hard look” at launching a presidential campaign following the midterms. During an interview leading up to her November election, Warren refused to commit to serving her full term in the Senate if re-elected.


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