Sarah Sanders Hit A BULLSEYE When Ripping The Democrats Over The Border Wall Funding

In case you might have not noticed the federal government is now shut down to some extent due to a snit over funding towards a wall on the Mexican border.

While this will affect some federal employees the vast number of American citizens might not feel the sting of this too deeply due to the fact that both sides of the aisle can’t exactly agree on anything regarding this issue.

Over the next couple of weeks you are going to see a heck of a lot of talk on television pointing fingers and shouting blame towards people and preparing themselves for when a solution gets reached. Not a whole heck of a lot of this talk is going to be all that meaty or profound.

That being said, we might have a situation here where Sarah Sanders has stepped upon a nugget of truth here that rises to a truly profound level.

Sanders was appearing on “Fox & Friends” Friday morning to discuss the shutdown showdown and border security, calling it “a sad day in America.” It wasn’t because the government was partially shutting down, mind you, or that the wall wasn’t being built.

Via Conservative Tribune:

Instead, she noted that Mexico — the country we think of as representing the putative problem in this mess — is actually doing more than Democrats to keep our border safe.

“We will do whatever we need to do and whatever we can do to help the process. At this point, it’s up to the Senate,” Sanders told Fox News.

“One thing that I think has been missed and didn’t get a lot of coverage yesterday was what we have worked out, what this administration has been able to do in conjunction with the Mexican government and the massive and monumental moment that took place yesterday where catch-and-release has ended.”


Catch-and-release is the colloquial name for allowing immigrants who claim asylum to be released in the United States as they await adjudication on their claim. This is problematic for a number of reasons, in particular that most asylum claims are denied and many of the immigrants use the opportunity to abscond.



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