Gowdy Reveals The One Thing That Would Get Him Back Into Politics…

Trey Gowdy may be the most trustworthy man in the political arena these days.

When you listen to him talk you get the feeling that he would be the type of person you would want as a next door neighbor because you would never have to worry about anyone trying to mess with your house if you were on vacation.

Just looking at the way that he tries to go after the truth, even in ways that might ruffle the feathers of the odd conservative here and there, is a heartwarming sight to see in a field where so  many people are looking for nothing more than to out BS each other.

If it were not for Trey Gowdy the world may have still found out about the misdeeds of Hillary Clinton but we wouldn’t have known the full scope of the horror.

Gowdy recently revealed that he talked to President Trump earlier in the week regarding the Chief of Staff position that the President is trying to fill.

From 100 Percent Fed Up:

Unfortunately, it looks like Gowdy isn’t a candidate for the job. It also looks like Gowdy has definitely made up his mind, and has no interest in returning to politics—with one exception.

The Washington Examiner reports – One of the only reasons retiring House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy would return to politics would be to support Sen. Tim Scott, a fellow South Carolina Republican, for president.

“I will get back in politics if Tim Scott runs for president and he says, ‘Look, I need you to go to Iowa and New Hampshire and knock on doors,’ which he probably won’t because I’d hurt him. You know, if John Ratcliffe ran for governor of Texas and said, ‘Come help me,’ I would,” Gowdy told Fox News Wednesday. “But you’ll never see me on the ballot again.”

Gowdy, who will return to practicing law and teaching when his term expires in January, said he met Trump for the first time this week for a “wide-ranging conversation” touching on life, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and the White House chief of staff position due to be vacated by John Kelly.

If Trump has a chief of staff candidate in mind, “he didn’t share with me,” Gowdy said.

Trey Gowdy has been a fearless defender of the truth and has had some of the greatest moments of prosecutorial brilliance in the history of United States Congressional hearings. Here are just a few of his greatest hits, which includes a scorched earth takedown of corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok, former sleazy FBI director James Comey and Crooked Hillary.


We were hoping President Trump would convince Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) to fill the AG position, or that he might even consider him for the newly vacated Chief of Staff position, but it appears as though neither of those positions will be filled by Gowdy, as he makes his final exit from the DC Swamp, and heads back to South Carolina for good.


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