Glenn Beck PREDICTED The Baby Its Cold Outside Controversy Over Ten Years Ago!

I have said on multiple occasions that liberals are the type of people that will make fun of someone for not knowing something they just found out yesterday.

They are also the kings and queens of outrage where there really is none. Take this whole Baby It’s Cold Outside thing for example.

The only person I ever knew in my life that could listen to Christmas music the whole year round and not get tired of it was my grandfather. The man had Christmas music that he would listen to every single day of the year. It was actually kind of strange.

Reason being is that as much as we all like to listen to Christmas music we don’t exactly sit down and spend the whole evening listening to it. All in all, we might throughout the entire month of December listen to an hour or two at most of Christmas music. That’s including ambient noise in dentist offices and whatnot.

When you really think about it people should not be listening to enough Christmas music to be able to have some sort of is it a trigger conversation when it comes to any particular song. If you don’t like a song, don’t listen to it.

Liberals put meaning into things that have no meaning at all and then try to convince us all of it. As polarizing as Glenn Beck can be on certain things he was definitely spot on with a prediction he made around ten years ago.

Via Glenn Beck:

Whether it’s a ‘War on Christmas’ or just progressivism run amok, the song ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ has been firmly in the crosshairs this holiday season. Here are just a few of the headlines making the rounds:

Should radio stations stop playing ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’?

They range from the previous as questioning and then roll right into the following and assume facts not in evidence.

‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside,’ Seen As Sexist, Frozen Out by Radio Stations

It may be seen as sexist but according to one radio stations polling, only about 5% do. Then they go from saying it’s sexist to straight up claiming it as a rape song.

Radio Bans ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Over Claims It’s A Rape Song, English Teacher Explains Its Real Meaning

And then they just flat out call for its retirement.

Is it time to retire ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’?

The left might think they are woke and on the right side of history in the wake of the #MeToo movement — but how shocked do you think they’d be if they knew Glenn beat them to the punch over a decade ago? Don’t believe me? Take a listen to this clip from our audio vault from 2008.

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