HOLY COW:Minutes After Being Freed, Prisoner Steals Car from Prison Parking Lot

There are few places that are completely and totally safe anymore so people unfortunately have to be on guard as much as possible.

You would think that a place like a prison or a jail would be the type of place that you would not have to worry about but that’s not the case either.

When I was a young man, my mother worked for an office that was in our small county building that had several county offices including the county jail.

My mother always said that even though there was never an issue with someone trying to escape or an incident likely due to the size of the county itself that she would never sit in her car for more than a minute or two if she had to because you just never knew if someone was going to try and hop the fence and make off with the car with her in it.

Via Western Journal:

A Pennsylvania man committed a crime not even a day after his release and has landed back in jail, according to authorities.

Philadelphia man Thomas Lee Williams, 36, attacked a woman in a parking lot Tuesday night, stealing her car and one-year-old grandson inside along with the vehicle, according to Westmoreland County Prison officials, ABC6 reported Thursday.

Most criminals would think twice about committing a crime immediately after being freed from prison, but Williams’ recent release did not deter him.

Williams was released Tuesday morning.

Williams crashed the stolen car about 15 minutes after ensconcing with the vehicle.

He ran into the woods in an effort to escape and was apprehended by authorities shortly thereafter, according to ABC6.

Williams is being held on a $250,000 bail according to the Times Union.

Both the one-year-old and the woman were transported to the hospital to be evaluated, according to the Times.



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