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VIDEO: This Alligator Handler Thought He Was Safe In The Pool…Then The ROPE BROKE!

Anyone that lives in most parts of the state of Florida will tell you that at some point in your life you will run into an alligator.

It might be a little baby one crossing the street in the spring or it might be some giant that you would expect to only see in a monster movie.

Despite their cuddly appearance, they are actually pretty dangerous if you get too close to one.

Personally, the fastest I have ever gotten out of somewhere is when I was driving down the street near a retention pond one day and saw an alligator sitting near a bus stop. No joke, this thing was sitting inside the shelter of a bus stop. The bus stop isn’t there anymore.

Anyway, my point is that with something so dangerous you would think that someone would do every thing that they could to stay away from them right?

Via Breitbart:

Per Daily Mail, Michael Womer survived a scary fall into a pit of alligators after his rope swing snapped in half.

“The Gator Crusader,” as he calls himself, makes a living performing with alligators at Gator Golf Adventure Park in Orlando, FL.

He can be seen on video climbing down a ladder to feed the alligators during one of his performances. After throwing some food into the pool, Womer attempted to use a rope swing to get further into the pit, but the rope broke and he dropped right into the water of alligators.

“I try to video every performance because you never know what you might catch or which may be your last,” Womer said, via Daily Mail. “People ask ‘do mistakes ever happen?’ Here is a perfect example.”

It is not known if “The Gator Crusader” suffered any injuries from his fall.



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