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REALLY? What Pelosi Just Said About The Wall Is The Scariest Thing Yet

Nancy Pelosi is a little bit scary to listen to sometimes.

Strike that, she is scary all of the time to listen to. If you asked her for a recipe for cinnamon rolls it would probably be the most lunatic sounding recipe for cinnamon rolls one would ever hear.

She talks out of both sides of her mouth so much its beyond scary.

Now, everyone can reasonably agree that we need to have a secure border, and what’s more secure than a giant wall?

Other countries have it and nobody ever says one single word to them about a wall.

However, Pelosi ignores this fact and keeps pressing on with anti wall rhetoric because it fits the agenda of the people that pay her to say what she says. I say pay her, because if she isn’t being told expressly to use these talking points over and over; then someone sure as heck needs to get her to a doctor quick.

Via Daily Wire:

At a press conference on Thursday, presumptive incoming Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) criticized the notion of a border wall, calling it “immoral.”

When a reporter asked Pelosi about the possibility that a Continuing Resolution (CR) passed by the House of Representatives might fund a border fence, the congresswoman argued that such funds are for “border security.” Pelosi then stated that she believes a wall is a step too far:

… most of us, speaking for myself, consider the wall immoral, ineffective, expensive, and the president said he promised it. He also promised Mexico would pay for it. So, even if they did, it’s immoral still …

We have a responsibility, all of us, to secure our borders – north, south, and coming in by plane … and that’s a responsibility we honor, but we do so by honoring our values as well.


The battle over President Trump’s long-promised southern border wall once again reached a fever pitch on Thursday as the House and Senate passed a stopgap spending bill in order to continue funding the government. The bill gives Democrats and Republicans until December 21 to come up with a budget plan.

Democratic leaders were supposed to meet with President Trump this week, but the meeting had to be rescheduled following the passing of former President George H.W. Bush. It will now take place on Tuesday morning.

According to USA Today, the president “said he would be willing to allow a government shutdown if Congress does not approve $5 billion for construction” of his southern border wall. The $5 billion figure has been a sticking point between Trump and Democratic lawmakers.


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