[PHOTOS] Teacher Arrested For Sex With Student and Recording The Encounter

As reported by CA| You wonder what goes through the mind of a young female teacher making a sex tape with an underaged student from her school. I imagine it’s not lots of Jiminy Cricket type conscience debates.

Amanda Eckblad was but 22, but is now facing decades in prison for having sex on camera with a 17-year old student she met while working as a contracted teacher in the Racine, Wisconsin school district. The details of her teaching assignment, young as she was, was not revealed. But more to the interest of the police, a video depicting Eckblad having sex with the teen, who was apparently also shacking up with her in her abode, was produced in March, subsequently erased, but a copy was un-erased by cops and there she was making sex with her boy-lover.

In what is being listed as a completely separate incident, Eckblad is also being charged with purchasing a handgun for a convicted felon, who also turned out to be a 17-year old. In short, if you need a dirty deed done in Racine, see Amanda Eckblad. 22 is certainly young, but not young enough to be making such stupid mistakes. I’m speaking now as the prosecuting attorney.

Perhaps Amanda’s (right) high school homecoming dress was an indication of things to come.

Eckblad is facing charges on the gun thing, the sex with an underaged student thing, and as you might imagine based on the video recovered in her possession, child pornography. That’s a full quarter-century worth of years in prison if convicted on all counts, though you would expect a plea deal because nobody wants to ruin a young, hot woman’s life if this is truly her first offense, err, offenses.

You can bet this is the biggest scandal to rock Racine in some time. On Wisconsin.

(Photo credit: Facebook)

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