Man dies after stabbing himself while trying to show off what he thought was a “stab-proof” vest

A man in the United Kingdom who wanted to show off to his friends lost his life while doing so.

The young man was stabbed to death after mistakenly believing that the jacket he was wearing was “stab proof.”

22-year-old Jordan Easton of Teesside was sitting in the kitchen of a friend’s house when he decided to try out his protective vest.

Easton grabbed a knife and plunged it into the vest. Sadly, he realized that the vest did not live up to its promise, Assistant Medical Examiner Karin Welsh said recently during a court hearing.

Easton was quickly taken to the hospital, where he died from a single stab wound to the chest.

The injuries were determined to be self-inflicted, but there was no evidence that Easton intentionally tried to hurt himself.

His brokenhearted mother, Alison Price, said in court that Easton stabbing himself was “out of character.”

Friends described Easton, who had turned 22-year-old five days before he died, as a man with a “heart of gold.”

Easton’s death was ruled as a “misadventure.” Welsh explained this term means that he did not have the intention to cause his own death.

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