Irate Dems Break Ankle of US Border Officer Protecting Senior From Harm [WATCH]

Democrats have been racking up points in the “How Not To Be A Civil Citizen” column of late, it’s almost as though they’re trying to break their own record as many times over as they can during the Trump presidency. 

If they aren’t being unapologetically vicious, causing untold damages, and passing it off as “ethical violence”; they’re accosting government officials because they happen to have a different political opinion. And then you have the rogue voices fueling these unbecoming behaviors. 

As such, it is perhaps not surprising that a mob of angry Dem protesters showed up at the US-Mexico border in Texas and caused a ruckus that led to a Border Patrol agent sustaining a serious injury. It had to be coming right?

Well, this time Fox News reporter Griff Jerkins was on hand to cover the episode in McAllen, Texas. The U.S. Constitution protects the right to protest—technically “the right of the people peaceably to assemble…” But it moved beyond an assembly of people carrying placards and chanting, when the protesters stepped in front of a bus filled with children that was on its way out of the detention center.

If that wasn’t enough, the protesters demanded that the children be set free, yelling orders at the Border Patrol officers. Why they had the effrontery to do that is anyone’s guess. In response, Border Patrol professionally surrounded the bus so it could back up and exit through the other end of the street.

Griff Jerkins shared a footage of the situation during a Fox and Friends interview. Interestingly, it captured a protester pushing up against the back of the bus in an effort to stop the bus. Maybe he mistook the center for the venue of a strongman competition. When Jenkins sought to know why he was there, he rambled on in an embarrassing rant.

Things came to a head when a US Border Patrol agent trying to protect an elderly woman from the angry protesters broke his ankle. Thankfully, uniformed officers got the situation under control, although no one was arrested. 

A noteworthy point Griff Jerkins highlighted was that the protesters numbering about 200 from the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULA) were actually bussed in from Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio; Texas. You’d think that people so passionate about such a hot topic wouldn’t have to be bussed in or paid to protest.



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