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School Teachers Are Indoctrinating Your Children To Antifa Violence

More and more public school teachers are becoming leaders for violent behavior across the country, Through By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), a group which can trace its roots to communism and pedophilia.

BAMN was created as an offshoot of the Revolutionary Workers League (RWL), a communist organization that worked closely with the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) a group dedicated to advocating the statutory rape of young boys.

NAMBLA worked to eliminate the age for sexual consent and legal protection for minors. One case against NAMBLA was the arrest of 24 men in Revere, Mass, in which members lured young boys into a house with drugs and video games. They would then record themselves having sex with boys as young as eight.

So, this is the history of BAMN, which is in a large part now lead by public school teachers. Makes you proud to be an American, huh? Also makes you wonder what kind of teachers are educating your children.

Arguably, the most well known leader of BAMN is Yvette Felarca, who is facing trial for inciting to riot, participating in a riot, and assault likely to cause great bodily injury. The arrest came as a result of when she led 300 of her members against just thirty marchers of a white supremacist group, in Sacramento, Ca. Felarca pleaded innocent on August 11th based on self defense.

She claims the violence was a preemptive strike against those who CONTEMPLATED violence. If that statement was true, would not anyone be committing self defense by attacking Antifa and BAMN members on sight?

BAMN organizer and high school teacher Nicole Conaway organized a “sickout” at her school in 2015, leading other teachers in calling in sick to protest the policies of Republican Gov. Rick Snyder. The sickout forced six Detroit-area schools to cancel classes, affecting nearly 4,000 students.

One month later, Conaway led students in a school walkout protesting poor building conditions. She was one of three BAMN organizers arrested in connection with the protest. Other BAMN members have led similar protests at the schools where they teach.

In Berkeley, Felarca and other BAMN members repeatedly abused their positions of influence over students in service of their own radical goals, Berkeley’s public school district charged in court filings obtained by local news organization Berkeleyside.

Several teacher’s unions are also active in defending these teachers:

BAMN is active within both the National Education Association — the nation’s largest teacher’s union — as well as with local and regional teacher’s unions in Michigan and California.

Last year, 17 different BAMN members ran for elected positions on the Detroit Federation of Teachers, according to a newsletter sent out by the DFT. BAMN also ran five candidates for different national leadership positions with the NEA in 2017.

When the Berkeley school district suspended Felarca for her violent activism in 2016 (for which she was charged with inciting a riot), the local teacher’s union sued the school on Felarca’s behalf.

The most troubling case and one that exposes what teacher’s real loyalties are is the Steve Conn case. Conn was elected the head of the Detroit teacher’s union. Complaints were filed against him when he tried to tie the union to BAMN. He wanted the union to answer to BAMN and it’s radically violent agenda. He was found guilty and removed as head of the union. He appealed that decision.

The appeals process consists of rank in file teachers voting on whether to reinstate this domestic terrorist. The vote was 527-473 to reinstate. But to reinstate, he needed 2/3 s of the vote and he missed it. But shockingly, over 50% of the teachers wanted to keep Conn and align themselves with BAMN.

All of the BAMN teachers have been accused of recruiting their students for the cause. Maybe teachers are overpaid.



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