Oh Look Another One…. Doctor Who Just Exposed Clinton Foundation Corruption Found Dead

Dr. Dean Lorich was one of America’s leading orthopedic surgeons and a true humanitarian.

He was also one of a growing number of whistleblowers exposing Clinton corruption. And, like so many of the others, he met a premature and brutal end.

Lorich was found dead by his 11-year-old daughter on the floor of his Upper East Side apartment on Monday.

A knife was in his chest. Lorich had bled out.

Police were initially called to the scene to deal with an “assault,” but for some reason later labeled Lorich’s death as a “suicide.”

Besides the fact that he had every reason to live, what calls the nature of Lorich’s death into question is the fact that just a few years ago, he very publicly called out the Clinton Foundation for shady dealings following the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Lorich himself was part of the US relief effort sent to Haiti, and later said he was disgusted by the “shameful” operation being run there by the Clintons.

The doctor took his concerns directly to Hillary Clinton, but was unsatisfied with her response, so went public on CNN.

The Clinton Foundation raised billions of dollars in financial aid in the wake of that earthquake. But, according to Lorich, a paltry 0.6% actually went to funding aid on the ground.

Lorich and his team arrived in Haiti expecting to have everything they needed to save lives, given just how much the Clinton Foundation and other organizations had raised.

Instead, the American team found that they and the suffering Haitians had been left out to dry.

The Clinton’s gave nearly 10% of their donors’ money to the corrupt Haitian government, while nearly 90% was siphoned off elsewhere.

Dr. Lorich appears to have paid with his life to expose this evil.

Now, what are we going to do with such costly information?

Source: ConservativePost



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