Wife Of HS Football Coach Pleads Guilty To Car Loads Of Sex With Student

27-year-old Kelsey McCarter recently pled guilty to a year-long sexual fling with a 16-year old boy on her husband’ South-Doyle High School football team in Knoxville, Tennessee. There seem to be more women being caught for sexual relations with underage boys these days for whatever reason. Maybe they are just more careless than in previous times.

McCarter admitted to having sex with the boy during pretty much the entire course of 2015 in her car and at her home. In a bit of a twist, this boy along with his older brother who both played on Justin McCarter’s high school team lived for some period of time with the McCarters. Read as: they are helping to make it possible for kids from tough circumstances to be available to play for South-Doyle. Why Kelsey McCarter chose to have sex with the younger brother versus the older brother is anybody’s guess. If she says anything about “love”, feel free to vomit. You can’t punch a woman.

By pleading guilty before wasting the courts time with insurmountable evidence, McCarter will be eligible for release after serving only thirty-percent of her sentence. Unclear what that means in years, but presume she’s still being locked up for some number of years. Though her attorney would like her crime characterized as an immature error:

“She made a mistake. She’ll move past it. She’s young, and as you saw, her family is here in support of her. Her husband is strongly supportive of her.”

It’s hard to claim the “young” ground when the boy you slept with is technically much younger than you and jailbait. But nice try. We’ll check back in a year down the road on the husband supportive part. It’s possible your friends and relatives will understand if you don’t stand by the woman who was committing statutory rape upon your outside linebacker while you were out shopping.

An investigation was conducted into the coach husband and school administrators to see if anybody had tried to cover up the crimes committed in the interest of the school and the team. That investigation came back with no harsh results, other than a few reprimands for individuals simply for being around when this embarrassing ordeal went down.

At this time, the two boys are back living with their families and it is unclear if they are still attending South-Doyle and still playing football.

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