It Only Took Hillary Five Days To Speak Out Against Harvey Weinstein

This Harvey Weinstein debacle is a lesson in liberal sociology. There’s no sense of right and wrong in the leftist culture. There is only hypocrisy and treachery.

It’s funny how quickly the left is jump on anything they can twist into wrongdoing by the right, but it takes some time for them to figure out just how to deal with debauchery from the left. It only took Hillary five days to figure it out, regarding the Harvey Weinstein mess.

Breitbart had her late statement:

The statement comes after growing pressure on the former secretary of state from both left and right-wing figures and media outlets over her silence about the allegations. Weinstein was fired from his company Sunday, days after the Times published a report alleging sexual harassment spanning over decades resulting in at least eight settlements with young women.

CNN reported Tuesday that Clinton aides were “confused” by her silence and asking why she has not said anything about the allegations.

The Clintons and Weinstein have had ties for a very long time, but that didn’t stop the media from putting on the pressure for a statement.

The broadly pro-Clinton New York Times had added to the pressure on Clinton last week with an editorial board op-ed, saying: “Harvey Weinstein’s Money Shouldn’t Buy Democrats’ Silence.” It argued:

“There has been no comment from Mr. Obama or Mrs. Clinton, who condemned Donald Trump for boasting of sexual assault on the “Access Hollywood” tape. These Democratic leaders, admired by many young women and men, should make clear that Mr. Weinstein also deserves condemnation. If such powerful leaders take the money and stay mum, who will speak for women like Mr. Weinstein’s accusers?”

CNN had also ramped up the pressure, with editor-at-large Chris Cillizza asking Tuesday of Obama and Clinton: “What the heck is taking them so long?”

The big ones really do fall hard, don’t they?

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