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Bill Clinton Told Hillary Her Book Was Crappy Before It’s Release

Bill and Hillary Clinton haven’t talked to each other ever since Bill threw the manuscript of her book “What Happened” in the trash.  Bill decided to red pen (edit) her book.  He found so much wrong with it, he urged her to rewrite the book and to change the title.  Bill believed, correctly, That upon reading the title people would say “You lost.”  Hillary lost it and told him the book was finished and would be published with all her whiny excuses intact.

 The argument is believed to have taken place over the summer before Hillary took off on tour in order to promote the book.

Bill and Hillary were last pictured together toward the end of August while enjoying a visit to see friends in the Hamptons. The couple have not been seen together since.

Hillary has been busy appearing on daytime TV shows and giving speeches across the country as she promotes her book, which has become a bestseller.

During the tour she has blamed women, Russians, former FBI Director James Comey and a host of other reasons for her shock loss to Donald Trump.

She has also not shied away from attacking the now-President, describing him as ‘unqualified’ and ‘even worse than I thought he was going to be.’

Clinton, most recently told Stylist magazine of her guilt at losing, saying: ‘I have a great sense of responsibility, for not winning, for letting people down.

Hillary’s book is allegedly a best seller but in all likelihood the publisher will take a bath on it.  It wouldn’t have sold as many copies as it did except that book sellers heavily discounted the book even before it was released to save Hillary from the embarrassment of another failure.

H/T The Mail Online

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