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Gay Men Adopt 1 1/2 Year Old Girl: “Wife” Murders Her 2 Months later)

A gay couple who live in Cardiff went through a long and tedious process to determine if they would make good parents.  Evidently not.  Matthew Scully-Hicks and his husband, Craig were finally able to adopt the little girl and just two months later Scully-Hicks is accused of murdering her.  Police say there had been a history of abuse that probably started almost immediately.  Scully-Hicks had taken to calling the little girl ‘Satan dressed up in baby grow,’.

 The couple first adopted Elsie in September 2015 and the process was finalised nearly eight months later.

But less than two weeks later little Elsie died after suffering traumatic head injuries.

She died at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, after the decision was taken to switch off her ventilator when doctors decided she would not survive her traumatic head injuries.

After Elsie’s tragic death police examined electronic devices owned by Matthew Scully-Hicks – including his iPad.

The court heard on September 22, 2015 – just 12 days after having Elsie – he sent a message to a friend saying: ‘I’m going through hell with Elsie!
‘Mealtimes and bedtime are like my worst nightmare at the moment.

‘She’s been up there screaming for 10 minutes non stop. She’s just stopped but I doubt that’s the last I’ll hear tonight.’
That evening he also sent a message to husband Craig calling Elsie ‘a psycho.’

On September 29, 2016, he sent the message to Craig describing Elsie as ‘Satan dressed up in a baby grow.’

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