That Didn’t Take Long. Democrats Immediately Call For Gun Control After Las Vegas Shooting

Many Democrats didn’t even wait for the facts to roll in about the massacre before pushing for gun control across the country. At this time, there are still many conflicting stories coming in about the gunmen and his affiliations. We Still don’t know how the shooter, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, acquired his guns or if gun control measures could have prevented him from obtaining them. That didn’t stop Democrats from demanding stricter gun control legislation.

“Tragedies like Las Vegas have happened too many times,” Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren wrote on Twitter. “We need to have the conversation about how to stop gun violence. We need it NOW.”

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used the opportunity to attack the National Rifle Association (NRA).

“Our grief isn’t enough. We can and must put politics aside, stand up to the NRA, and work together to try to stop this from happening again,” Clinton wrote.

Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey demanded Congress “close the gun show loophole” in response to the shooting. (There’s no evidence at this time that Paddock bought his weapons at a gun show.)

“As after #Orlando, I will NOT be joining my colleagues in a moment of silence on the House Floor that just becomes an excuse for inaction,” Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton wrote.

“Thinking of everyone in #LasVegas, and praying Congress will have the courage to do more than stand in silence to commemorate them,” Moulton wrote in another tweet.

New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney demanded Congress “show they care by taking action” on gun control.

“It has been barely a year since what was previously the largest mass shooting in American history — the deadly attack at Pulse nightclub. In the interim, thousands more have been lost to the daily, ruthless toll of gun violence,” Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal said in a statement.

“Still, Congress refuses to act. I am more than frustrated, I am furious.”

Democrats have no shame. They use any opportunity to push their gun control even before there is a final body count. They have yet to acknowledge that the shooter may have ties to ANTIFA and ISIS as both organizations have suggested. It is not a time to push agendas. We need the facts before jumping to conclusions.


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1 Comment

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