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Convicted Killer Sues For a Million Dollars After Punching Female Lawyer in the Face

A convicted murderer in new Jersey is suing for a million dollars after his hand got broken after police attempted to subdue him after he punched his female lawyer in the face.  His McDonald’s coffee may have been too hot also.  Years ago this would be funny but no longer.  With all the liberal judges on the bench, the case won’t get tossed and the jury could be made up of cop haters.  What’s next?  The wife of a bank robber suing for wrongful death after her husband is killed in a gun battle he started with police?  If Michael Brown’s parents can collect millions when their thug son attacked a policeman and was killed, who won’t win? reports that Randy Washington sued this month, claiming a Mercer County sheriff’s officer broke his hand when his knee came down on his wrist after he punched the woman in court. He is seeking $1million.

The 36-year-old was sentenced to 70 years in prison in the 2014 killing of Silas Johnson, who had just gotten off a train. He has maintained he’s innocent.

He punched the lawyer after closing arguments and with the jury deliberating.

‘I hit my attorney, but when I hit her, I did not advance toward her, I just waited for the sheriff to come handcuff me,’ Washington wrote in the suit.

Washington is awaiting trial on charges he killed another man, George Jamison, 43, in 2014.

That kicked off a crime spree, according to, where Washington is accused of being involved in several armed robberies and other crimes.

The sheriff’s office says officers ‘took appropriate action to make a very violent situation safe.’

Ironic justice would be him winning the suit then losing all the money to the lawyer he punched.  Now, that I could really laugh at.

H/T The Mail Online


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