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Al Sharpton: Next Civil Rights Issue? Pot

The Rev Al Sharpton has taken up the new civil rights issue.  Pot.  Sharpton says it’s time to legalize pot because too many black men get criminal records for having this illegal substance and it prevents them from going to college and getting really good jobs.  That’s strange, I’ve known plenty of white people who smoked too much pot, got records, didn’t go to college or get CEO jobs with major corporations.  Maybe these white people can go after Al Sharpton for culture appropriation.  Just a thought.

Sharpton said:

“It is a civil rights cause that we should not postpone, but accelerate during these dark and difficult times.  For Democrats and progressives, the arguments have always been clear: generations of Americans, overwhelmingly people of color, have been imprisoned and starved of access to higher education, housing, and economic opportunities, and stripped of their inalienable right to vote thanks to non-violent acts.”

“Doing so will determine whether or not the next generation of black Americans, Latinos, immigrants, and yes – the ‘white working class’ – fall victim to same racist and classist drug enforcement policies that brought oppression on their parents.”

“However, I will challenge the cannabis industry and its distributors in states where it is legal to support civil rights movements and ensure that we are not disproportionately excluded from business opportunities.”

I’ve invented a device that state troopers and other police officers can use to test for pot in drivers.  I call it “The Open bag of Doritos”.  It works almost 100% of the time.  Open the bag and see who starts drooling.


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