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The NBA Announces It’s Decision on the National Anthem

After careful consideration, the NBA has announced it’s final decision on players taking a knee during the anthem.  Liberals are going to hate it because the NBA has ruled that every player must stand for the national anthem.  They will allow unity displays before the anthem and you are not required to put your hand on your heart, but you will stand or you will be punished.

Now, before you liberals start hollering about the First Amendment, read it again.  It simply says that Congress shall pass no laws restricting free speech.  Companies restrict free speech all the time and SCOTUS has upheld that several times.  Besides after the riots caused across this country by liberal Nazi fascists, you have no credibility on the First Amendment.

 The National Basketball Association sent a memo late Friday to all 30 teams instructing players to stand for the US national anthem, and warning teams there should not be any exceptions.

The memo, from deputy commissioner Mark Tatum, said the league has the discretion to discipline players who violate a rule already on the books stating that they must stand for the anthem, broadcaster ESPN reported.

The memo tells teams that ‘the league office will determine how to deal with any possible instance in which a player, coach, or trainer does not stand for the anthem.’

It adds that individual teams ‘do not have the discretion to waive’ the rule.

It’s obvious that they have seen the way the NFL offices have handled the situation and decided that suicide is not an option.  It’s never a good idea to isolate at least 50% of your customer base.  Besides the booing would have a tendency to echo in the closed in forums of the NBA as opposed to the open air settings of football, with the exception of a couple of domed stadiums.

H/T Mail Online

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