The Nanny From Hell: How She Treated This Baby Is Pure EVIL [VIDEO]

An evil nanny had brutally assaulted a baby girl. She kept her ruthless crime hidden in the safest place of Satan. However, when karma strikes, she was rewarded with the most outstanding horn.

A Namibian couple was horrified with what they saw on their nanny cam. The nanny that they had hired in May to take care of their 9-month old daughter, Laila, had been highly recommended and they were told that she was ‘good with children’.

Annemarie Theron, Laila’s mom works as a marketing and reservations manager at a remote holiday lodge in the town of Outjo, was shocked when she saw how their nanny battered her daughter on the video footage.

They became suspicious that something wasn’t right when they noticed marks on Laila’s feet and she seemed afraid of the nanny. After they installed the nanny cams in their home in July, they were shocked by what they saw.

The nanny was captured throwing the poor baby into the crib then held her by her legs as she continued to cry in pain.

After Annemarie and her husband Johan saw the video, their hearts were broken. She even described how she feels during her interview.

“I didn’t expect to see what I saw and I was absolutely shattered. I was horrified that she could look me in the eye – like she did every day. My heart breaks..” said Annemarie.

“I believe what she did to my child was an injustice and I don’t want her to have access to other children again,” she added.

She also claimed that the police weren’t really into the case until she showed them the video, which is her best evidence.

“I had so many emotions – betrayed, and a complete failure as a mum,” she continued. “It was the worst feeling I have ever had and never ever want another mother to have to go through that.”

Hoeses, who has four children of her own, was arrested following the attack and is now in custody facing a charge of attempted murder. She appeared in court on Monday and was denied bail, remaining in custody until October.

Article Sources: The Daily Mail

Photo Credit: The Daily Mail Video Credit: aRichest/YouTube

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