Wife Pops Husband’s 4-Yr-Old Zit. What Comes Out? Disgusting [VIDEO]

The things some people do for love. Personally, I don’t care how much I love someone there is no way I would ever do something like this. If you can stomach this more power to you.

“Wade, 28, who had the spot for four years, winces in pain as the pimple suddenly erupts into a yellow stream of pus under her brute force. During the three-minute battle, Mrs. Powell digs her pink nails into each side of the lump to get a firm grip,” the Mail reports. “Pushing harder and harder, the fluid then flies out of his face, prompting her in a strong American accent to warn him that it may smell. Closing his eyes to try and dampen the pain, Wade can be heard groaning during the stomach-churning ordeal.”

Undeterred, Khristina went in for the kill shot, and this time the pimple was no match for her. Before you know it, the pimple exploded and oozed out a steady stream of pus.

“’It was an instant relief when it was over,” said her husband.

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