The Only Way Police Could Get Man To Quit Stabbing Another Was To Shoot Him [VIDEO]

Police found a 26 year old man continually stabbing a 60 year old man and they tried to convince him to stop, but he either didn’t hear them or didn’t care.  In the end, they did the only thing they could do without putting themselves in mortal danger.  They shot him.  The shot proved to be non life threatening as were the injuries to his victim.    Police have not released many details on the crime and the shooting was referred to the Special Investigations Unit, which looks into any violence committed by police.

The horrifying moment a police officer shot an attacker who was repeatedly stabbing another man lying helplessly on the floor has been caught on camera.

Shocking video shows a 26-year-old man repeatedly knifing a man who is believed to be 60 on September 14, reports the Toronto Sun.

People are heard yelling in the video for the stabber to stop during the violent attack in the Jane and Finch neighborhood, about 12 miles from Downtown Toronto.

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At the end of the video, a shot fired by a police officer is heard.

Police did not confirm too many details of what transpired after the case was turned over to the Special Investigations Unit, which looks into any violence committed by police.

Both men involved in the fight were taken to a hospital and their conditions were non-life-threatening. No police officers were injured.

A police source told the Toronto Sun: ‘[The stabber] was told to drop it and then allegedly came toward the officer who fired some rounds and knocked him down.’

A witness to the crime told CTV News: ‘It was brutal. You can’t wake up first thing in the morning and see somebody getting beaten. You see the blood, it’s spilling all over.’

H/T The Mail Online

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