Man Livestreams Threat To Rival Gang As He Bleeds From Neck Wound [VIDEO]

A man who was shot by a rival gang sat in his car and issued threats to a rival gang as blood poured from his neck.  He also revealed that he was in the process of driving himself to the hospital to be treated for his wound.

 A man, who was shot in the neck, livestreamed threats to his attackers as blood gushed from his wound.

The man was driving with a woman, who was heard crying in the background, shortly after he had been shot.

‘You did that sh** bro you gonna shoot me my n***a you f***ing dead bro,’ he threatened as he drove himself to the hospital.

The man was reportedly shot by a rival gang, who he said, will pay for what they did to him.

Blood was oozing out of his wound and rather than save his strength, he talked through the recording. The man also didn’t bother to try and stop the bleeding as he kept making threats.

‘I’m going to keep this sh** in the streets too bro,’ the man said as he appeared to lose his breath before regaining his composure, adding that he’s not a snitch and wouldn’t be reporting the incident to authorities.

The woman is heard asking him through tears: ‘Are you okay?

The man ignores her as he grimaces in pain and continues his rant against the rival gang.  During the rant, he remarked that they should have shot him in the head instead of the neck.  He seemed to be even madder than he was hurt.

H/T The Mail Online


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