Tomi Lahren Looking Hot As Ever While She Snubs Millennial Calling Her A Racist [VIDEO]

There is footage of Tomi Lahren making its way around the internet that shows a young man posing for a photo with the conservative pundit.

What makes the video so popular among social media is what the man says to Tomi Lahren “How does it feel to be a racist piece of shit?” Lahren immediately walks away without saying a thing and never once stops smiling. While Lahren may not be the most popular person out there ever since her remarks on abortion, she is most definitely not a racist. Liberals love to label anyone who disagrees with them as a racist but never have any proof of the accusations. Check out the video below.

The video originated on Reddit about a month ago, and Reddit user @thatgoodgood96 identified himself as the man in the video. He said he saw Lahren in New York City around then.

“‘Hey you wanna take a picture with me, huge fan!’ and then the rest was history,” the user wrote of the incident on the forum.

He wrote that he didn’t have a plan when he went up to Lahren, but “it worked out to a tee [sic].”

“Watching enough of her nonsense made this come extremely natural,” @thatgoodgood96 wrote. “She’s weirdly used to it it seems.”

Although the user made clear that he doesn’t call “everyone I disagree with a racist,” he wanted Lahren to know she’s “extremely unwelcome.”

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