Mom Picks Son up from Daycare Covered in Bloody Bites. Then She Learned The Terrible Truth [PHOTOS]

It’s unfathomable to think anyone could see harm be done to such a young child and not want to help him out almost immediately. But unfortunately, that is exactly the case for Aubrey Bridges’ son, Mason. What makes it even worse is that it happened at a place that was supposed to be taking care of the young boy.

Mason has been attending daycare at Childcare Network in Burlington, North Carolina for about a year with no problems until one day in August he came home with bites on his head, arms, face, and neck.

She counted 14 bites in all, but that wasn’t the end of it. Mason had an allergic reaction to the bites.

“He developed a fever, and a cough, and started wheezing very bad,” the mom wrote on Facebook. The bites turned into blisters that needed to be drained, and the little boy needed a breathing treatment.

Aubrey was scared. “I cried a little bit,” she told WXII-TV.

The next morning she went to the daycare center to find out what exactly had happened. But no one would tell her what the bites were until one teacher pulled Aubrey aside to talk in private.

The teacher claimed that the bites were from fleas and that Mason was not the only child who suffered from bites. The teacher claimed that a little girl was also a victim of the bites and that she received 8 bites.

All of this information was being given to Aubrey in secret. The teacher said the staff at the daycare center had been told not to tell anyone about the flea infestation; that teacher told WXII-TV that she was later fired for speaking up.

Aubrey posted about her experience on Facebook, detailing the problems she had in getting straight answers about exactly what was going on and what was being done about it. There had already been one complaint made to the health department from a parent who also found bites on their child, and the news about Mason brought more attention to the issue.

Mason is no longer attending the Childcare Network for obvious reasons and Aubrey wants to make sure anyone looking for childcare knows the full story of what took place there.

“I would have never thought me and my child’s concerns would have [been] shoved under the rug,” Aubrey wrote on Facebook. As she later said to WGHP, “My main concern was for the safety of those children.”

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