School Warns Kids Not To Chant ‘USA,’ What The Kids Did Instead Has Officials Full Of Regret

High School in California warns student about chanting “USA,” and let the parents know by sending them a letter warning the teens to stop saying the “intolerant and offensive” phrase.

In an email sent to families Wednesday, obtained by a local CBS affiliate, Principal Lori Emmington said that in the school’s effort to promote “sportsmanship, empathy and kindness,” they had opened up a discussion with dozens of students to determine when chanting “USA” is and isn’t appropriate. They determined that it would “make sense” to chant it after the national anthem, Pledge of Allegiance or any other patriotic event, but that it “might be confusing” to do it during a competitive event when it could be misinterpreted.

The chant has been used in the past, apparently in a derogatory manner, toward students of different ethnicities in others schools. Officials at Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom said that was never the case at their school, but that they were taking preventative steps to discuss with students how the chant could be deemed offensive.

Students and parents joined hand in hand to contest the decision, prompting staff to announce that there’s no ban on chanting “USA” at school events. Students along with their parents expressed their opposition to the district, stating their First Amendment right to free speech and reminding officials that if they attempt to stifle their constitutional liberties, they’ll take appropriate measures. Additionally, students promised school officials that there will likely be even more chanting at this Friday’s football game, clarifying that the theme is “USA pride.”

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After the happening, the principal refused to be interviewed face-to-face but commented over a phone call that school can’t officially ban the chant, she still hopes that students will choose not to say it. “We can communicate an unintended message,” she said without explaining which message that would be. She suggested that students should only express such patriotism following the National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance.


Sources: Mad World News

Video Credit: CBS

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