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UPS Delivers…Instant Justice To Thugs [VIDEO]

Two armed thugs were beating up a man on the street in order to rob him, when they were spotted by three UPS workers, who came to the man’s rescue and drove the thugs away.  Gardena Police Department posted a video of the UPS employees as they charged the thugs and saved their victim, who fortunately had no major injuries.  The man had just left the bank and walked into the delivery store and as he made his way to the parking lot, he was accosted by the two thugs.

As he was walking through the parking lot, two male suspects approached him, attacking the man from behind.

One suspect, armed with a yellow crowbar, knocked the man to the ground and tried to rob him.

As they continued beating on the man, a group of three UPS employees run out to confront the men, forcing them to flee.

They flee in a white sedan and head south.

Police reported that the victim was not seriously injured.

The officers posted the video on Facebook and said: ‘An important reminder to always pay attention to your surroundings.’

H/T Mail Online

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